Taking the high-level objectives set out in the Shift2Rail Master Plan as a starting point, and considering the potential of ERTMS to offer increased functionalities and become even more competitive, the high-level objectives for IP2 can be summarized as follows:

  1. Enhance overall line capacity throughout a better use of infrastructure by operating more trains on the same line and with a more flexible use of the vehicles on the line.
  2. Contribute to railway system life-cycle cost reduction throughout a reduction in the capital cost of signalling and telecom infrastructures, maintenance costs and the consumption of energy.
  3. Increase of operational reliability fundamentally with the use of more reliable technologies and components as well as architectures more simples and suitable to continued operation in case of failure.
  4. Maintain ERTMS as a basis for any evolution, extending the new signalling and traffic management system to all railway transportation segment.
  5. Ensure continuity and backwards compatibility with the current signalling and supervision systems bust fostering the highest integration possible.